Compliance method
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Howwe Technologies strives for full compliance with the rules and required compliance. Compliance aims at risk reduction of operations primarily from a regulatory perspective.

Compliance refers to compliance with applicable laws and regulations as well as the establishment of structures to prevent, deter and detect violations of laws and regulations.

Compliance can be expressed on two levels.

Level 1, which means compliance with the external laws and regulations directed at the company and Level 2 which refers to compliance with the internal rules and processes that aim to achieve Compliance with level 1, i.e., external rules.

Due to the importance of being compliant, the method is therefore that the company reviews and updates all policies during Q1 every year, in some cases more often as there are changes in the law that must be implemented more often than once a year.

Change management policy

The main purpose of the change management process is to ensure that changes are registered, evaluated, prioritized, planned, tested, established and documented in a controlled manner.

This is done by that all changes that are implemented:

  • ensure that all information about the change is registered

  • are being assessed whether the change needs to undergo service design

  • use proven and documented methods and routines

  • are Investigated on the impact of the change on the IT environment

  • consider the risk to the business

  • ensure that all current aspects of the change have been taken into account and that testing has been carried out

  • coordinate commissioning with other changes

  • ensure that there is a restoration plan before commissioning

All policies are listed together with 4 columns

  • Column 1 is intended for the name of the person responsible for the policy

  • Column 2-4 with the colours red, yellow and green, where green means that the policy has been reviewed, possibly changed and charged, yellow means that something is not clear, and that red is not started or that an error / problem has occurred


This document is revised at least once yearly or when required, for example when new regulations are enacted or updated.

The team members responsible for the contents of this document and revisions are:

  • Stina Åkesson, Vice President, Finance – CFO - COO

  • Johan Grönstedt, Chief Product Officer, CPO

Please email us at [email protected] if you request more information or want to suggest improvements.

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