During the autumn, we at Howwe did a thorough review of the first page of the Acceleration Meeting. Our ambition has always been to enable a quality discussion in teams about what has been achieved during the previous period. In January, we will finally launch a new version of this first page in the Acceleration Meeting.

What will change in the Acceleration Meeting?

The first page, "Performance" (see pic 1), will be removed and replaced with two new pages (see pic 2 and 3 below).

Pic 1: This page ("Performance" in the Acceleration Meeting will be removed.

Pic 2: Teams working with sprint will instead start with this page, a summary of the previous period (often one week) and a summary of all Key Activities in the current sprint that have progress.

Pic 3: Temas working with weekly Key Activities will see this page, a summary of the previous period (often one week) and and what was achieved in weekly Key Activities.

How are the new views to be used?

The new views enable a better and more qualitative discussion in teams when looking back: What have you achieved as a team in the previous period (i.e. since the last Acceleration Meeting). The purpose of this part of the meeting is to give all members of the team a chance to share what they have accomplished.

  • Always start by discussing team performance: How are you doing as a team?

    • In the sprint: How many Key Activities in the sprint have been completed? How many are still active? Are there delays? Have Key Activities been moved to the next sprint?

    • In weekly Key Activities: Do we as a team fulfill the commitments we make? Are we reaching our weekly goals?

  • Then proceed to individual progress:

    • In the sprint: What has been reported in sprint Key Activities (both as completed and progress on active Key Activities)? Do we agree that completed Key Activities are really complete?

    • In weekly Key Activities: Read the comments and discuss what was carried out.

  • After you are done looking back, it is time to move along in the Acceleration Meeting. The next step is, as usual, to look ahead and make commitments regarding what needs to be achieved in the next period (often a week).

For leaders:

How does this affect me and my team?

You as a team, and especially you as a leader, will have to get used to a new look in the Acceleration Meeting from January. To help you, you have this article, as well as a video (see below). In the video, we go through best practice for the Acceleration Meeting, i.e. how we recommend you conduct the meeting with your team.

Do I need to do anything right now?

Not right here and now, but before your first Acceleration Meeting in January, it might be a good idea to:

  • Open the Acceleration Meeting in Howwe and familiarize yourself with the new views. You can open and close the Acceleration Meeting without saving.

  • Reflect on how you will move through those new views, practice a flow through that suits you and your team.

    • What do you want to highlight?

    • What is important in your team to discuss?

  • Take help from our best practice video (see below)

Best practice: How can you conduct the Acceleration Meeting with quality?

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